How to Get Better at Clash Royale

Clash Royale Techniques For those who’ve just installed the Clash Royale game, and are incapable of winning, we have some suggestions that may help. Newbies can understand that in order to play against the Royal Prince or the Giant, you must draw cards with excellent protection,that will take down opponent structures, and get a success. Continue reading for lots of information, technique, and suggestions to get better on Clash Royale.

Clash Royale could be more addictive than Clash of Clans, so read the warning before installing it. Get acquainted with the structure and handling sources like gold and gems, and develop a good deck for the battle. We’d suggest to have two or three excellent decks prepared any time. Take our advice below to have an excellent technique and a comprehensive strike as you go to war.

Have Wide Range of Cards in Your Battle Deck

An essential thing for starters is establishing a great deck to play with. There are three different decks you can set up and have on-hand, prepared to combat with. Each card costs, so you can either purchase it from the shop, or you can win in in one of the chests. Either way, you should combine the cards, make the deck elixir optimized, so you can be a decent opponent.

Don’t Rush with your Attacks

Rushing a strike with several soldiers and you being the first that starts the battle may be an advantage but it is better if you wait. Let the opponent make the first move and according to his cards, make wiser decisions. If you are feeling lucky, then go ahead, and smash his towers.

Use the Spells

At the beginning of the game most players of Clash Royale don't have spells, but within a while, you will most probably unlock a spell. My personal favourite is Freeze. This is one of those cards I save to the end and use with perfection for a last-minute shock and immediate success.

Use the Elixir Wisely

When playing Clash Royale, one of the crucial factors that will secure you a victory is the optimal usage of the Elixir. Be wise and follow the game of your opponent. Don`t spend your Elixir at once, always be prepared and have some spare, in case the other player draws a card that is going to destroy your tower. Combine low and high elixir cards.

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