Clash Royale Hack Tool

Can I obtain unlimited amount of resources?

This Hack Tool enables you to generate only the amount of resources you will enter in the form. We do not promise you unlimited amount of gold, gems and elixir.

Is it necessary to enter my Player ID?

Yes, because that way we will be certain that the resources will go to the right account.

Is this Hack Tool safe?

100% Safe. You do not have to worry about any malware or anything else that can jeopardize your account. This hack is developed by a group of students that are sponsored by legitimate businisess, with headquarters all around the world.

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  1. 1. Enter your username and select your device
  2. 2. Enter the amount of resorces (Gold, Elixir, Gems) you wish to obtain
  3. 3. Choose extra features (optional)
  4. 4. Press the GENERATE button
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