Clash Royale Tips and Tricks

After the boom Clash of Clans made, Supercell launched a new game known as the game of Clash Royale. It is an ideal mini-game that needs building your own set of cards which will battle against the opponent’s cards. It was published worldwide in the year 2016 and then won the 2016 Google play prize. This new game is already on its way to capturing the world. Why? Because it’s extremely entertaining it’s also amazingly strong, so it’s a sensible decision to go into it with some suggestions in mind.

Ever wished to go up to the top of the leader boards in the game of Clash Royale? With the game of Clash Royale tips and tricks you will be able to play against the strongest competition. The game of Clash Royale is mash up of styles. It’s a cards game; in that player generate an assortment of cards to use in a fight, similar to Hearthstone or Magic: The Collecting. It's also a character protection game because your cards are your soldiers that you use in a battle against your opponent. The mobile game might look simple, but there’s a lot going on once you start playing.

Clash Royale Techniques

You Only Needs to Get Rid of the Main Tower

It might be attractive if you try to pulverize all three of your opponent's towers, but the one at the centre is the most important to crush if you want to win the game. If your opponent already crushed one of the Royal Towers, don`t worry, send just some of the troops as a diversion, but let your real attack be concentrated on the Main Tower. That way, he may destroy two of your Royal Towers, but you will be the one who wins the game, because you destroyed his Crown Tower.

Don't Ignore the Attacks

Even though your goal is to take down the Main Tower, is the time is out, the winner is the one that took down at least one of the opponents towers. If both players have taken the same number of Towers, at the end of the three-minute match, an extra time will be added to decide the winner of the match.

Keep your Deck Updated

A powerful deck is one that works with any scenario that comes along. To that end, you'll want to have all types of cards prepared to get to work: cards with high hit points like the Giant, some varied cards such as the archers who can strike traveling competitors and traveling assailants or spell cards. The other essential part of every battle is the Elixir optimization. If your deck is filled with high-cost cards, you'll find yourself awaiting your Elixir bar to complete before you can respond to the enemy's strikes. By maintaining your deck at the optimal level of Elixir, you'll increase the likelihood of being prepared to deal with any scenario the opponent brings at you.

Observe the Clock

The clock issues in this game. If the ranking isn’t linked at the end of three moments, that’s the game. If your soldiers are close to banging out a character and time is operating out, go all-out on violation — as long as player can take their character before they can take yours.

Save Elixir

During the fights, Elixir is your main source. You might be influenced to spend it all as soon as you are able to play a new card, but avoid this enticement. It’s often better to keep some on hand so you can respond to a sudden surprise. It’s also sensible not to invest Elixir on needless strikes, like submitting a fireball when the soldiers that are currently fighting a character have it managed. That said, never let your Elixir level down while it’s complete. Every second that goes without player getting Elixir is lost.

Pair the Cards in your Deck

Every card in the game of Clash Royale has pros and cons. An intelligent technique, then, is to know your units' pros and cons and pair them up to type unbeatable mixtures. For example, Archers have low health, but if you put a Giant right in the front of it, they become considerably more useful.

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