Clash Royale Strategies to Win Battles

Clash Royale has been available for a few months now and already gained lots of game-changing updates. Many gamers are enjoying the gameplay, but the newbies are looking for strategies how to win a battle.

Clash Royale is all about outmanoeuvring and outsmarting the challenger. You may have great cards, but if your strategy is weak, you will easily lose the battle. Unlike Clash of Clans where gamers build a town and defend it, in Clash Royale the battle is in real-time, and the players immediately have to fix the problem. It’s essential to know what you’re doing, have a well-balanced deck of cards, and be ready to take some strikes.

Clash Royale Techniques

Manage Your Battle Deck

An essential part of being good at Clash Royale is establishing up your battle deck. You can setup three different decks, ready to battle with. Each card in the deck has different Elixir price. Don't have too many cards with great health, as they cost more in elixir, and you'll be trapped patiently the Elixir to fill up, while the opponent takes you down. Without an excellent extensive range and a well handled deck, you will quickly get outmatched.

Mix up your deck with both high and low Elixir cards, as well as both ground and air troops. Combining it up with a great extensive range gives you the best opportunity to win.

Don’t Attack First

The first essential factor everyone needs to know is when a battle begins, don`t rush with the attack. Wait around for the Elixir bar to complete, see what cards are coming next, then decide which soldiers to use, and battle. While some may want to hurry and instantly strike the challenger, you wait patiently to see what they set up, then counter with better cards. Not to bring up patiently waiting will let you know which side they’ll strike from, which allows you to decrease the health of a Barbarian Hut or other huts placed in opponents defence.

Be Strong at Defence

It’s worth patiently waiting, even if you’re losing one of the Towers and taking large harm. Rather than spending two archers to slow the challenger down, wait around for something better. Don’t be worried to take a little damage if that indicates being able to reverse with a quite powerful strike. Waiting enough to battle hard could be exactly what you need to win, instead of reducing or get an attraction. No one wants a tie.

Above, viewing to see what happens rather than instantly losing a troop would be the best bet. Go on protection, take out the Wizard, and then release that Giant to beat the opponent’s troops and get the success.

Watch Where You Deploy Troops or Buildings

Another very essential tip for gamers looking for a little help when it comes to effective fights is to look at where you set up soldiers. Be ideal. This is an approach activity, so play like its Poker. Think about what you do, your next shift, how much time it will take the Elixir to fill up. Drop air troops against their ground opponents, think about what you do and don’t just use what’s available first. Watching advanced level gamers and get the best out of every attack.

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