Clash Royale Gameplay Basics

Clash Royale is a mobile game developed by Supercell, following the theme of hit mobile game Clash of Clans. The goal of this mobile game is simple, to beat your challenger by defeating his towers. There's a moment period restrict, though, whoever eliminate the king's character first, wins the game. If, however, you weren't able to get rid of your opponent's leaders character within 3 minutes, there is an extra time expansion for another minute for the first gamer to get rid of the opponent's top character.


Every time you win fights, you get a chest. Wooden chest is only accessible at the first training camping. You can have maximum four chests in the chest slots. When it is complete, you won’t be able to get more chests until you open one of them. Each chest has its time when it opens. Silver Chests need 3 hours of patiently waiting, Gold Chests need 8 hours, Giant and Magical Chests need 12 hours and Super Magical Chest needs one day to open. Though you can open up it instantly by investing gems, it is better if you wait. Don`t be greedy, let the game rest a little bit. There are also Free Chests, that you get every 4 hours.


Gems are a significant feature especially for gamers that want to invest in their game. Gems are used to open up chests instantly and to buy golds and chests in the Store. You can win gems from Crown Chest and Free Chest. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to avoid using your gems for opening chests and buying chests from the store. The best way to use the gems is to purchase gold.


Gold is one of the most crutail resources in Clash Royale. Gold is needed whenever you improve your cards to an advanced stage. You can also buy cards from the Store using gold. Gold can be gained by opening chests and successful fights. If you don`t have gold, you cannot level up your cards. The smartest way to use the gold, is to purchase cards from the store, rather than opening or buying chest.


The Store is where you can buy 3 different types of cards (common, rare, epic) and they are refreshing every day at 12:00 am. You can also buy chests (magical, giant, and super magical), gold and gems, if you have money. Each purchase of cards increases its price. For example ,if typical cards expense is 10 gold first time you buy it, it will cost 12 gold the second time you buy it and so on. The cost for rare cards starts from 20 gold and Epic cards cost 2000 gold.

If you are an investing gamer and made a decision to buy gems from the store, you can either buy Gold, Gems or Chests. If you haven`t built the perfect deck yet, purchasing a Super Magical Chest is a good move to make. Among all the chests, you have the utmost chance to find Epic card in it. However, if you already have a deck that works for you, purchasing gold will be smarter. Improving cards is expensive in greater levels. A sum total of a max equalized common cards will be 185,625 gold.

Trophies & Arenas

Trophies are not very essential in the game. It only determines your Level. You’ll get a certain amount of awards for each win and lose some awards if you lose. For starters, it is not good to rush yourself to a greater arena because you may find it more difficult to defeat gamers with advanced decks. Of the pros of leveling up is to get as many cards as you can get out of the chests in that particular Level. Another good thing is that the health of all your towers will improve. That also means that you will fight much more experienced gamers.


Once you reach Level 3, you can become a part of a clan, or create your own. Creating a clan requires 1000 gold, while becoming a member of another clan is free of charge. Some clans have prize specifications so choose smartly. It is perfect to be a part of a clan with active members that will donate you cards constantly and help you with advices. Donating is the primary objective of a clan. I recommend donating as much as you can to earn gold and level up. Give your clan members the cards they demand especially if those are not a part of your primary deck.


The cards are the basic asset of this game. There are common, rare, epic and legendary cards. Each one of them is important, your job is to combine them to the optimal level of Elixir, so you can win the battles. Cards can be purchased at the Shop or you can win them from the chests. You can level up each card by taking donations or buying them form the Shop. During the battle, you can fight with six cards, and you can have three different decks. Every battle requires different cards. If you won three battles in a row with your primary deck, that does not mean that you will win the other one as well with the same deck. Mix the strategies and get the best out of your deck.

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